Pouyesh Industrial Group  provides  automation solutions for process and machine tool industries.With more than 16 years of hard work based on the knowledge of experienced professionals this is done in the manufacturing sector and services,design in manifacturing sector we design and produce all kinds of  transformer, industrial resistors and electrical paneland in service sector we are the best in solution providing for both the process and machine tool industries with PLC, monitoring systems, HMI, SERVO DRIVES and VFD and remote controls . until this time  we have successfully completed hundreds of projects in steel making, automobile manufacturing,food idustry ad etc.We have successfully designed, developed and commissioned the automation systems;

۱.     PLC and monitoring systems : Ranging from few I/O s to a quite a few thousand I/Os. These systems include hot standby redundant PLC and monitoring systems, wireless communication, data logging, detailed reporting, graphical representation and reproduction of data.

۲.     SERVO DRIVES: For machine tools in Automotive, Cut to length Applications and  Packaging. Ranging from single axis to multi axis requirements with demanding accuracy requirements.

۳.     VFD: For normal operations to energy saving application , synchronisation of two axis for assembly conveyors and all kinds of crane.

۴.     Electrical Actuators: For simple slide movements to critical multi axis requirement with automation built around the same.

۵.     Transformer: all kinds of transformer with the best design

۶.     Industrial resistor: for bracking system of VFD AND SERVO DRIVES

۷.     Electrical panel: Manufacturing of Electrical Panels & Bus-Ducts:,Fixed and withdraw able Motor Control Center
,Fixed and withdraw able Power Center Panel

With the right selection of the products from PLC, monitoring systems, HMI, VFD,and Servo, we design the best solution for the requirement. Be it process or be it machine we make sure that it delivers exactly what it is supposed to deliver and saves time and costs.

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